This Bulletin Board is brought to you by a coalition of Contributors and User Subscribers of all ages and backgrounds residing or wintering primarily on the Gulf Coast of Florida from Tampa Bay to Naples. Also, by virtue of the seasonal migrations of its membership, it has come to include a nationwide, if not international subscriber base.

We have a nationally known commercial host (1&1) with multiple new features, and end-to-end Virus, Spam, and Malware protection.

We have skilled technical contributors who have little interest in self-promotion. We encourage the participation of the talented and altruistically noble people in our community who can be of help to the less skilled among us.

That being said, most of all we encourage all you folks who are challenged by your computers to advantage yourselves of a kindly place to seek help.

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Doc (Dave Dockery) with the Tampa Bay Computer Society www.tampa-bay.org

Dennis (Den) Potts, a/k/a thePCGuru www.denpotts.com